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Is SA-HERO a support group?

posted Apr 23, 2009, 1:23 PM by Michelle Kretzschmar
No. SA-HERO does not intend to replace support groups or coops. Our goal is to act as referral for individuals new to homeschooling or new to the San Antonio area to the various homeschool groups. And while it's part of SA-HERO's mission to operate without regard to religion or philosophy, we don't expect this to be true of support groups. We want to know if a group has a statement of faith or is geared for teaching only a certain curriculum. This way we can refer individuals to appropriate support groups. If a support group only wants purple martians we need to know so when a purple martian shows up we can tell it where to go.

Our goal is to focus on providing resources and services that are beyond the scope of any one support group.